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Astrological counselling is counselling that uses the knowledge base of astrology to help people to develop, understand themselves and deal with problems in their lives.

Pregnancy and Planets:

Each month in the development stage of the fetus , is governed and influenced by a different planet.

Venus rules the conception and the first month.The element of Venus is water and the joining of the male and female seminal fluids creates life by forming an egg which hardens over time.

Mars has a fire element and Mars rules the second month . It softens the egg and forms flesh . Mars increase the “pitta ” of the mother , this gives rise to morning sickness and a restless feeling.

Jupiter rules the third month of pregnancy, this month sex of baby is revealed,, The hidden reproductive organs form and the fetus further develop and takes shape.

The Sun rules the fourth month and develops the bones .
Moon rules the fifth month of Pregnancy .
Saturn governs the sixth month of Pregnancy.
Mercury rules the 7th month and the development of brain and intellect.

The Ascendant or ruling planet of the mother over sees the Eighth month . In Vedic astrology , the rising sign changes in every two hours , so , it can be any of the planets .

Again the 9th month is ruled by moon, it’s influence on the water element in the body helps the baby come into position for delivery.

The final 9 days of Pregnancy are looked after by the Sun…

  • What mantras should be done in this period?
  • What donation should be done?
  • How to meditate every month?
  • Months in which special care should be taken .


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Pregnancy Counselling

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