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Author page: Gauri Jain


Counselling Astrological counselling is counselling that uses the knowledge base of astrology to help people to develop, understand themselves and deal with problems in their lives. Pregnancy and Planets: Each month in the development stage of the fetus , is governed and influenced by a different planet. Venus rules the conception and the first month.The element of Venus…

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Vastu and Numerology   House Number 1¬†House 1 is a very egoistic , self centered house, that thrives on seif help and being the boss.House 1 vibration represents a person who likes to take charge of things and doesn't like to follow the crowd, This house is usually the house of businessman , CEO, managers or…

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Vastu Consultant

Vastu is the science of direction that combines all the five elements of nature and balances them with man and materials. Vastu principles, if carefully followed, bring not only just prosperity into the household but also love and peace. Vastu Shastra is directed at harmonizing external space with the internal space within man. It has…

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