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Vastu Consultant

Vastu is the science of direction that combines all the five elements of nature and balances them with man and materials. Vastu principles, if carefully followed, bring not only just prosperity into the household but also love and peace. Vastu Shastra is directed at harmonizing external space with the internal space within man. It has universal application and is not confined to a particular country, climate or hemisphere.

The Art of Vastu is ancient , it is unconditioned by time and remains as relevant today as it was thousands of year ago .It has universal application.

Vastu Guidance should be taken :

  • While Selecting a plot.
  • While doing any construction
  • While doing Interior Planning
  • While carrying out any renovations.
  • While re-structuring of the house, shop or office.
  • Vastu correction can be helpful if you are facing problem like,
    • Low sales.
    •  Low profits.
    • Disputes
    • Accidents in your factories

Vastu advice is beneficial when you are facing problem like:

  • Health
  • Marital problems
  • Poor carrier growth
  • Disturbances in family peace
  • Child birth problem
  • Bank Loan
  • Financial

Remedial Mesearues

  • Building Additional structure
  • Increasing the height of the building in relevant sector.
  • Relocating Main Entrance.
  • Interior Planning.
  • Balanced and proper distribution of elements in the interiors.
  • Use of Mantras.
  • Placement of Yantras.
  • Planting of auspicious trees.
  • Renovation.
  • By Additional Land.
  • Changing the sitting arrangement in office.
  • Shuffling rooms.
  • By use of Colours.
  • By Sound Energy.
  • By using Proper Light. & many more

The awareness of Vastu can Enrich your life and make a positive contribution for you and your family.