17 Jun

Depression=deep+ pressure

Depression=deep+ pressure

Depression is a mood disorder. It's a feeling of sadness , may be due to bad relationship , due to professional  downfall, disputes in family , Unsuccess, 
These days it's very common and important reason behind it is Social Media...

Sometime it is temporary and people get healed and come out of it and sometimes it become difficult to overcome it and under some extreme circumstances people take action.

Symptoms :

  1. Feeling helpless and hopeless.
  2. Difficulties in sleep.
  3. Abnormal Appetite , either you started eating less or more than required.
  4. Lack of interest in daily activities.
  5. No Enthusiasm.
  6. No Energy.
  7. Lack of concentration

According to astrology..
Moon represents your emotion.
Mercury shows your logical side.
Sun shows your will power and confidence.
So, in your horoscope if these planets are badly placed , you may come across low feeling.

Any malefic planets connected with moon also give mood swings ..Poor positioned moon can cause emotional problems.


  1. Meditation is a holistic remedy for depression.
  2. Mantra jaap can create positive aura around you.
  3. Yoga is one of the best remedy to overcome from depression. It keeps your mind and body balanced.
  4.  Love your surrounding, love people.
  5. Be in habbit of giving , helping attitude gives you inner happiness
  6. On a lighter side listening your favourite music can help you to reduce stress.

Definitely your planetary position may guide you too.