04 Jun



  There is no planet like Rahu if he is positive towards you, at times greater expanding planet than Jupiter and if negative, then worse than any malefic planet.

►There is no one like Rahu to give or to spoil.

►Depending upon Karma, Rahu can make one watch a happy movie full of growth and rapid rise, or can make one see a horror movie (this happens to majority).

►During the Mahadasha of any planet, native starts behaving like the planet whose Mahadasha he/she is facing.

►During Rahu period, people become desperate, chase illusions, becomes a selfish and cynical, and are almost possessed by passion and have rebellious streak. This can bring them pleasure or pain depending upon the placement of Rahu.

►If Rahu is in quadrant or trine with/ aspected by trine/quadrant Lord --he becomes first rate Yoga Karaka. He is exceedingly good if not debilitated or highly afflicted. 

►So there is two kinds of Rahu if you need to categories, “Favorable Rahu” and “Unfavorable Rahu”. I have seen Rahu gives great results in house 2, 10, and 11. It gives bad results in 8, 12, and 4th. 

►Rahu Mahadasha can be relatively better if it is posited in 3/6/11th house, specially for overcoming enemies, challenges. Which means native will face opponent, obstruction in life but Rahu will eventually give all the guts and courage to take them on.

►Even if Rahu is positive in horoscope, whole period never been good for any person because even though Rahu is benefic for person then Juipiter or Sun Antardasha is malefic for that person.

►Restlessness is the hallmark of Rahu. 

►Whether its good or bad, the only thing you can predict about Rahu Dasha is suddenness, abruptness, tensions, suspense, secrecy.

►So during all the odd and even time of Rahu, strength of the lagna is vital thing to overcome all.

►If Rahu is fortunately positioned in the auspicious house will carry sudden wealth, superiority, good results in the career and resolve metal conflicts and health issues.

►Do not trust people who came in Rahu/Rahu period easily.

►However, in most of the cases, in the end all that Rahu promises turns out to be smokes and mirrors. 

►At the end of the Rahu Mahadasha one realizes that all that he or she has been chasing was nothing but a mirage. 

►Those who get bad results laugh at the futility of their worries, and those who get good results often turn their back realizing the worthlessness of the pursuit.

►Please keep in mind Rahu will make you run for things which are not there , you can take an analogy of mirage.

►If you have Rahu and Moon conjunction in horoscope then again it’s a tough ride.

Funny thing about this period is that there is almost no actual damage, however, the mental torture and fear is enough to put the toughest of men under depression. 

►Maybe, because Rahu has no hands, it does not do much damage in the real world. However, Rahu scares the fearful Moon to madness.

►Rahu-Ketu period: This is one of the toughest periods anyone  go through in life. This has been called the period of “Karmic Retribution” and it is believed that free will of a person is at its minimum during this period and the hand of destiny takes over. 

►During Rahu period  I have seen people become fascinated with the dark sides of things, right from corruption in the financial world, to unethical power plays in politics, to occult in the spiritual world. Everything that is dark and dangerous has a fascination. 

►There is a fascination with everything foreign in the Rahu period. I have almost always seen a foreign element enters a person’s life and People often travel far and wide and go the foreign lands during Rahu period especially during Rahu-Mercury, Rahu-Venus and Rahu-Moon. Definitely it will not go for all the natives.