04 Jun

Career In Acting


1st house is the body, the head, it also shows fame because people see "YOU" when you get fame via body performance.

3rd house is needed for movement, fighting, running, dancing, and it's the original house of communication and performing arts. This house also now shows online media and television.

5th house is the original house of Leo, the sign of creativity, performing arts, cinema, script writing and producing.

8th house is the house of our hidden talent, our hidden psychological baggage that we use to give our most dramatic performance. This is the house of legends. An actor should be able to leave his or her legacy on the industry.

10th house is the house of fame, your highest of impact in the world and the work environment.

11th house is the house  achievements, hopes, wishes, desires. When you achieve  fame it also brings about gains, and fulfillment of desire.


Venus is the karaka of creativity, arts, music, singing, acting so obviously it becomes the first planet in line.

Mercury is the ability to mimic and perform a certain character, it gives us charm and ability to make people laugh. It's  dual natured planet which can switch personality in an instant.

Rahu is the planet of mass fame, mass performance, a big dramatic performances. It's the karaka of photography, camera, limelight, and ability to become something completely different than who we are.

Sun shows fame, our vitality, and creative power as it originally rules the 5th house and the sign of Leo. Sun is the King, the Lion, when a mega superstar walks on the red carpet it over shines everyone.

Mars is energy, our ability to be athletic, physically active and our strength to fight which is a must when performing any type of acting especially action sense.

Moon: Moon is fame, art and most importantly emotion. Without jerking a tear or giving a emotional performance an actor feels empty in his or her role.