04 Jun


Sound is produced by vibrations.These vibrations affect the balance of the five elements within the human body as well as in the atmosphere around us. A person react differently to different sounds.

A screeching door, loud noises, shrill doorbells, loud music, television, and banging of doors, all disturb the mental , spiritual and material balance of a house and cause stress and disharmony.

In fact , harsh sounds cause noise pollution , which in turn , without our noticing , causes tension,stress and other disorders like blood pressure, migraine and problems relating the nervous system.

On the other hand , The sound of gentle music, bird songs, sacred chants and gentle rippling  water all have a therapeutic effect.

Avoid  continuous blaring sounds in your home. Dripping faucets are irritating .Get all leaky taps repaired as early as possible. Door hinges should be kept well oiled at all times to avoid creaking sounds.

The soft melodious tunes can induce peace , relaxation and reduce sadness, tension and anger. Wind chimes are also used to slow down the energy in a place. Hanging wind chimes, changing  harsh sounding door bells with pleasant sounding ones and having rippling water fountains can be means of adding the right sounds to any environment.