04 Jun


Lighting  is a visual  phenomenon and one of the most important elements to get right in a room.It is the quickest way to change atmosphere and mood, to exaggerate space or diminish faults.

Create ambient lighting in living rooms,i.e. soft indirect lights that fills the volume of the room with illumination. It can be achieved by using wall brackets, up lighters, chandeliers and recessed lights.Table lamps can provide concentrated areas of light. In dining rooms which focus directly over food making it more appetizing and interesting.

In bedrooms, the lights should be soothing and planned in a way that they create a light, relaxing and romantic atmosphere. Arty table lamps tucked in the corner or hanging lampshades lend an aesthetic appeal to the room.

For a compact bathroom , general lighting is the ideal option, with the light fixed centrally in the ceiling.The most important lighting in a bathroom centres around the mirror ,,for shaving,grooming, combing the  hair etc.Hence the lights should be soft and diffused , without glare and shadow.

Good lighting is very important for the main enterance.Light fixtures that do not work or offer inadequate illumination are inauspicious.The light at the enterance should be bright and simple.

Floodlights are best for institutions and monuments  , not for homes.

The key to exterior lights is to keep them simple and toned down.

When planning lights for the garden , take the landscape into account .Placing lights below plants and trees, sculptures and rocks adds interest to the façade of your home. Safety aspects should also be kept in mind while positioning lights in and around water bodies and features such as swimming pools , fountains and waterfalls.