03 Jun

Vastu rules while constructing your property

You followed Vastu rules while constructing your property but still facing problem?


At times you buy a vastu perfect site or house  but over a period of time , the area surrounding your house changes.
A changing city or neighborhood affects your vastu and fortune...
1.A tall building that comes up on your East blocks out sunlight..
2. A nearby slum or a new temple on the same road as yours can spoil the vastu of your home.
3. Suddenly increased traffic because of the road outside your house all affect the vastu of your home..
Smoke, blocked drains, shrinking parking space around your house.
4. Sometimes a rising road in front of your house or shop can bring bad result.The elevation of road can make the house look sunken.
5. A newly constructed flyover in front of your office , shop or house can spoil your vastu as it blocks sunlight and air..